BLK UMB BHB Salty Citrus (caffeine added) 13-individual servings

BLK UMB BHB Salty Citrus (caffeine added) 13-individual servings


BLK UMB BHB is the ultimate pre-workout, pre-game, pre-living drink. It can be your morning ritual, afternoon anti-crash serum, or late-night cram cocktail. It will make you feel more alive, twice as good as your best, or at least 6-times more certain in your decision to try it. It IS energy by definition, NOT just a stimulant. It is smooth, delicious, refreshing, energizing, thirst quenching, and quite possibly the best thing that you could take for your brain, for your body, and—if you believe in it—quite possibly the most nourishing for the soul.

13-high potency, individual servings per package

  • 10g (R) Beta Hydroxybutyrate (A propriety, balanced electrolyte profile)

  • Organic, natural caffeine from green tea and arabica coffee

  • AlphaSize Alpha GPC

  • AlpiniaGalanga

  • Natural lemon rind and black. tea extract flavoring

  • no artificial sweeteners or flavorings

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