"The ideas behind these ergogenic aids are to improve brain processing speeds, reaction time, neuromuscular performance, decision making and memory recall, in the hope of gaining an advantage over their competitors (Baker, Nuccio, & Jeukendrup, 2014). Anecdotally, the use of ketone supplements has been described by many to increase alertness and provide a stimulant-like effect on the body."

Oral ketone supplementation: effect on cognitive function, physiology and exercise performance

"In an energy deficient state, ketones, over other fuels (including glucose), have been shown to be a more efficient fuel, providing a greater energy yield upon oxidisation...

ketosis may be beneficial due to the higher energy yield of ketones and this may translate to better performance at high altitudes, or cognitive function during maximal exercise (Veech, 2004).

An additional advantage of utilising ketones during exercise may also be due to the reduced inflammation and the reduction of waste products, such as blood lactate concentration"

michael blevins